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Tobin's Travel Wallet

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Want to go light for your bike trip or for travel? Leave your bulky wallet at home!

Put your ID, credit card, some coffee cash, or that crisp dollar bill you carry to fix your blowout tire into the awesome Tobin Travel Wallet. Hand Made in Portland, Oregon.

These are also great for business cards, and there is a SECRET (not anymore) pocket up under the top button for some parking meter coins or other goodies.

Several colors available, or pick SURPRISE ME and let us surprise you with the color via Tobin's "MAGIC INSIDE" selection. Who knows - when you buy a Tobin's Travel Wallet and let the MAGIC INSIDE happen - you might just get some kind of bonus. That's why the magic is INSIDE. 😎

Are you LOADED with cash and need a bit more room - because it falls upon you to buy the entire riding group's coffee? Pick the XL Version!

Roughly 4" x 2.5" when closed for the standard and 4" x 3" when closed for the XL and weighs virtually nothing!