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Jonathan Garcia - Designer of the Phoenix 700c
New Age Bike Works - Rose City Recumbent Cycles
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Portland, OR 97202
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Longtime Bicycle Industry veteran Jonathan Garcia and organizational Master Robert Holler teamed up to form Rose City Recumbent Cycles.

They met as shop manager's of Coventry Cycles and Coventry Cycles West. In the first 6 years of Rose City's operation they pioneered the use of mid drive electric motors on tadpole trikes, designed the Cruzbike S40 and RANS Phoenix (which both received Recumbent Bike of the Year) and developed handlebar steering systems which have improved the recumbent rider's control and fit.

They have built a reputation on no-drama honesty and making sure that a new buyer gets the best bike for them-regardless of brand. Recently Rose City was chosen as the US distributor of the Performer Brand (under the New Age Bike Works name) as well as Jonathan becoming the designer/artistic director and a co-owner of Metabikes.