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Making the Right Recumbent Choice

Buying a recumbent can be a daunting task - especially if you cannot try many specific models in advance. There are nuances to the fit and ride of every model.

We are familiar with all of the Performer models.

Please note that some bike and trike colors and configurations are stocked in the US and others are custom order. US stock items are indicated as such in the options menus. If a model does not have a "US stock" option - it is a special order.

One of the great things about Performer is your ability to order the exact color you want and often other component choices.

If you have ANY questions on which bike or trike might be right for you, we strongly encourage you to contact us before buying. We want you to have the best experience - and are happy to consult with you on what model will be the best choice for your riding style, budget, and needs.

Getting the right model is key - and Jonathan is here to help.

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"Getting outdoors on the bikes that I make myself is just the best combination of business and lifestyle that I can imagine." - Performer Founder and CEO - George Chen

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Assembly Resources

Performers ship as a kit - so you will have to assemble on your own.

We always recommend - if you are not familiar with bicycle assembly and tuning - that you have a local shop do the assembly for you.

This way you end up with a profressionally tuned machine!

Click the link below to see our video resource page.

Assembly and Adjustment Videos

Performer Warranty

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