Performer Cycles Founder & CEO - George Chen

recumbent bike rider with cherry blossoms

Hello and welcome to Performer Cycles.

I‘m George Chen, the founder and owner of the company and am glad you dropped by my page to learn a little more about my story.

I have been asked on occasion why I got into manufacturing recumbent bikes.

Well, it was a very personal decision.

I have always been a conventional bike rider.

Riding 200km on a standard upright bike was something I regularly did. Working up a sweat on those long rides was always very satisfying.

And it was later in life that I discovered the comfort factor of recumbents. I then switched over.

The exercise factor was still there. But the comfort level is much higher. I can still work up a sweat. But it is so much more comfortable doing this on a “bent” than the standard bike.

It’s a choice between the types of exercise you want to do. You can do it in a very hard way. Or take an easier route.

A good friend of mine manufactures indoor sports equipment such as indoor recumbents. But indoors is indoors.

Getting outdoors on the bikes that I make myself is just the best combination of business and lifestyle that I can imagine.

Once I was riding in a lake area in the hills 20km or so from home. Descending through the hills there I caught up with a bunch of cyclists on very high-end bikes: Specialized, Pinarello, Scott etc.

It was only a slightly descending stretch of road but, as often happens, we found ourselves in a little competition, as you do every now and then. I let the recumbent have its head and left them all behind!

Riding a regular road bike it takes a great effort to keep up with the other people I ride with. But with the recumbent I it’s much easier. And that makes getting out and riding around, having the riding experience with others—which is what the cycling life is all about—possible.

So that’s a little bit of background.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Riding!