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If you liked the original MetaBikes design, you will love this even more! You can get the Flat Black painted frame kit which would be the disc ready frame, integrated headset, carbon seat, cushion, tapered carbon cyclocross fork, carbon disc wheelset, tiller/stem with 2 lengths for varying riders arm and leg lengths, seat stays, and both mini and superman handlebars. Also, if you really want “hot”, the signature Cracked Lava paint job is also available.

The recumbent world needed a new stylish upgrade Euro-styled ride. It’ll bring out the mischievous and fun-loving side of you. That’s why we ride recumbents. 

We understand that many riders will want to populate their bike with their favorite components, so we offer it with or without a basic component setup. BOTH options come with wheels.



The Kit:

  • Frame – Alloy 7005 – Aluminum
  • Paint Job – Matte Black (frame, fork, wheels or (Lava Yellow (frame, fork, wheels)
  • Headset – SI Integrated
  • Fork – Carbon Cyclocross Disc Tapered Stem 700c
  • Stem/Tiller Adjustable Tiller with 2 Length Stems for both Mini Bar or “U” Bar steering
  • Handle Bars – Aluminum Open Cockpit “U” Bar & “Mini” Bar
  • Seat Stays – Aluminum Adjustable and Top Bridged
  • Seat – FRP Hardshell Seat
  • Seat Cushion – Netted Cushion