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Metabike Mystique TI Frame Set Only

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UPDATE: FOUR Titanium Mystiques remain. They are XL - which fit just about all riders.

Order yours soon!

The Mystique is the newest RWD recumbent - and it could very well be the best ever. Rivaling all previous RWD recumbents, the Mystique handles like a dream, is stable across the entire speed range, has a perfect seat height, looks stunning, and rewards the rider with the type of forward momentum you will simply not find elsewhere on any other RWD recumbent.

The Mystique is an all new design - unlike anything on the market or in its class -refined for over three years to bring a new experience to the RWD recumbent platform, and evolves many of the best elements of past designs, eliminates the negatives, blends new ideas, and the result: one incredible machine.

This is the special LIMITED edition Mystique TITANIUM FRAME SET. An aluminum version will also be available in the future. The image shown here is an example of a complete build.

When these sell out - that's it. We plan on making TEN (10) of these frame sets. There is only so much titanium available in the current market to make these beautiful works of art. Get your frame set ordered now!

This frame set includes: frame, fork, headset, idlers, carbon fiber seat, seat mounts, seat cushion, and the awesome UFR riser/handlebar set.

The purchaser will need to add: drivetrain components, chain, wheels, tires/tubes, cables/housing, grips, & brakes. Jonathan has dialed in a preferred setup - email if you would like a recommendation or help sourcing components.

The options:

Front DR mast - You can get your limited edition TI frame WITH a front DR mast or go for a clean NO MAST option if you plan on using a 1x drivetrain.

Size - Standard or XL frame. Pick the standard if you are a 39" - 47" x-seam. Pick the XL if your x-seam is 44" - 49" NOTE: There is a lot of overlap in the frame sizing to provide great weight distribution for nearly all rider heights. Most will fit the Standard. If you are over 6' tall and have a longer x-seam please consider the XL.

If you have a question as to what size is right for you - please email for a consultation.

Wheels - Take this opportunity for an added $900 to include with your frame set a set of SWEET carbon wheels - Metabike branded disc brake, 50mm profile, 28 bladed spoke, with 100/135 spacing Master hubs.

NOTES FOR YOUR FORK: You can pick between TWO forks - the 28c fork which will fit up to 700cx28c tires. OR you can pick the 40c fork which will fit up to a 700cx40c tire. PLEASE specify which one you would like in the NOTES section when you check out. 

If you have other specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Comfort. Speed. Handling. Style... This is the Mystique. Your current RWD is now obsolete.


General Specs - Titanium Version:

Main Frame Weight: 6.2 lbs

Seat Angle Adjustment: 15 - 32 degrees

Seat Height: 23"

BB Height: 33"

Rise: 10"

Typical Complete Build Weight: 25 - 28 lbs

Maximum Tire Size: 700x28 OR 700x40 (with 40c fork)